Want to install a BLTouch to replace the bed sensor on a Wanhao Duplicator i3 Plus Mark II?

I received some time ago this cute little board from Mr.S.J.D.Developments:

It has several features. In particular, you can use it to connect a BLTouch on a Mark II Wanhao Duplicator i3 Plus. It uses the existing ribbon cable so no need to install anything else. It is an open source project, so you can build your own board but Mr.S.J.D.Developments is also selling them for a low price. So if you own a Mark II, give it a try. I am posting bellow the original message of Mr.S.J.D.Developments announcing this board.

Full disclosure: I am not affiliated or associated with Mr.S.J.D.Developments. I have no financial interest in this board except that Mr.S.J.D.Developments send me one of the boards for free.

Original message from Mr.S.J.D.Developments:

Hi All,

Its been a long time in the making [Around 6 Months] but I’m at the point where I can now announce the release of an open source expansion board for the Wanhao Duplicator i3 Plus v5.4 3D Printer.

This board is designed to replace the existing expansion board on the 3D Printer’s print head to allow for extra expansion e.g.

  • BLTouch connector
  • Extra PWM cooling fan connector
  • Ancillary 24v power connector for accessories

This board has been designed around the ADVi3++ 5.x.x + & Marlin 2.x.x firmware for the MK II v5.4 mainboard. I have created a complete user guide for any persons who wish to follow explaining where to download all appropriate software, setup the build environment for code modification, how to modify / compile & how to upload to the 3D Printer.

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