What's next with ADVi3++?


Now that version 5 is released and is quite stable (all known issues were fixed in 5.0.1 except one related to LCD dimming), it is now time to talk about the future.

What I have planned at a minimum for version 5.1 is to align ADVi3++ with the latest version of Marlin Firmware (currently But of course, I want to integrate other features.

There is already a list of Feature Requests on GitHub. If you have ideas, it is time to submit them either here (by replying to this message) or on GitHub (submit an Enhancement). Everybody can submit a feature request but be sure your request is not specific to your setup and can benefit to many people. Please also do not submit duplicates (check before submitting that this is a new request).

Then at the beginning of October (around the 4th), I will publish a poll and people sponsoring the project on Patreon with $8 or more will able to vote. I will make my best to implement the features with the most votes. I will not implement all the features in version 5.1. Instead, I will implement some in version 5.1, them others in version 5.2, etc. This way, you will not have to wait again months before seeing a new release.

Thank you all, present and past sponsors of the project. It is such an amazing journey. And thanks to you, ADVi3++ will become even better.



Can you add bltouch support for i3 plus mk2?

Can you elaborate a little? Why since those printers already have a sensor? It is not precise/reliable enough? Or for another reason?

Yes the stock sensor is not precise / reliable enough, because of the heated bed that generates an unconsistent electromagnetic field.

It seems like many people have replaced the stock thermistor with an M3 screw-in one. I believe the only way to currently account for the different power curve (type 1 vs type 11) is to recompile with a custom configuration. It would be nice if this setting was available on the LCD.

This is a duplicate of Be able to specify the thermistors type on the LCD panel · Issue #137 · andrivet/ADVi3pp · GitHub

Tracked here: Add BLTouch support for i3 plus Mark II · Issue #262 · andrivet/ADVi3pp · GitHub