Version 5: Status of development

Dear supporters of ADVi3++,

As you may know, I am actively working on the next version of ADVi3++, version 5.0. Since it will be based on Marlin 2 (previous versions were based on Marlin 1.1.9), it is a big development effort as the structure of Marlin 2 is quite different from previous versions.

This week, I have achieved the first stage of this effort and I have a development version that is working relatively well. I still have some bugs, but roughly it is working.

I version 5, I plan to better support some hardware parts like the power loss resume module of Mark II printers. For that, I have ordered one of those modules (I do not own a Mark II) to make tests with it.
I also plan to support a filament runout sensor, include some kind of file management of SD cards, better baby stepping, etc.

If you have ideas of new features, it is the right time to suggest them. For that, you can create a issue on GitHub: Please do not create duplicates and give enough information to describe the new feature. If there is not enough details, I will simply delete the issue.

For those supporting the project with $8 or more per month, you will be able to vote for features and I will make my best to implement them (if it is technically feasible). More on this in a few weeks.

So thank you again for your support and happy printing.