Version 5 Development News


As announced on ADVi3++ Community in January, version 5 is in development. In fact, since January, I have made great progress. The development version is now in phase with the latest release of Marlin (version and all planned features are implemented.

I am now in the final test/debugging phase. I plan to do this during April and release version 5 somewhere in May.

Here are the new features or changes in version 5:

  • Based on Marlin 2.x branch
  • Direct editing of values on the LCD panels
  • Disabling of LCD panel beeping (it already works in version 4.0.6 for some panels, but not all)
  • A better support of Advanced pausing (M600)
  • Replacement of Jerk by Junction deviation (new feature of Marlin 2.x)
  • Better baby stepping
  • Estimation of printing time
  • Unification of BLTouch pre-version 3 and version 3.x (i.e. only 1 binary for all BLTouches)
  • A tool to compensate X-axis twist when using BL-Touch
  • A new setup screen when you reset settings
  • A new screen to help you diagnosis BLTouch problems
  • A better way to detect when there is a hardware problem between the LCD panel and the mainboard.
  • Thermal Runaway control will now be mandatory
  • Less SRAM memory usage
  • A tools (i.e. microSD image) to reformat the LCD panel
  • Several small changes in different screens

Again, thank you all for your support especially those who are supporting ADVi3++ for more than two years. It is so incredible.




I’m looking forward to this update :slight_smile:
I can also see where the new X-Axis twist compensation tool is going to help a number of users including myself.
This was pain to fix as it’s hardware, not software that causes it, but having the software compensate is a major bonus for those of us who have had the twist.

Are you moving levelling out of control?
The icon looks better :slight_smile:
Let us know when your ready for wider testing out in the world.


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Very much looking forward to this release. Happy to help test on an i3 plus.

Thank you for the update Sebastian. Look forward to the v5 release.

I’m waiting with excitement

A quick update of my progress so far:

  • I currently have two annoying bugs that need to be fixed before being able to publish a Beta version.
  • The first bug is related to the way I detect if the printer is busy or not. This is important to be sure to send commands at the right time. Otherwise, they can overlap. What I am doing is working most of the time, but in (not so) rare cases, it does not and the printer becomes crazy.
  • The second bug is related to a new feature of ADVi3++: X-Twist compensation. It is a little like the bed compensation but is related to the movement of the X-Axis. And for the moment, I am not happy with the results. So I want to fix this also before publishing a Beta version.

The very last steps are often difficult. I will continue to inform you when I have news.