On the road to ADVi3++ 5 and Marlin 2

The version 4.0.6 released yesterday is probably the last version ADVi3++ 4.x. Also the last version to rely on Marlin 1.x. It is now time to switch to Marlin 2 as it is stable.

The main reason to switch to Marlin 2 is that there is almost no new development on Marlin 1.1.9 (and there will be no 1.1.10 or 1.2). And some of the new features I want to implement (such as Power loss recovery) are only implemented or usable on Marlin 2.

Note: Some people are thinking that Marlin 1 is 8-bit and Marlin 2 is 32-bit. This is wrong. Marlin 2 is both 8-bit and 32-bit.

This is what I envision so far for ADVi3++ 5.0:

  • Switch to Marlin 2.x with new EXTENSIBLE_UI API
  • Better support of Mark II, especially the missing power loss recovery feature
  • Support of filament runout sensor
  • Better support of Mainboard 5.2C (power off)
  • Better SD card support (if it does not take too much SRAM)
  • Some tools to help diagnosis BLTouch problems, LCD panel connectivity, leveling, …
  • Perhaps support of D9 or of some other hardware
  • Perhaps support of some third-parties (like Silence3D but I have not yet tested it)

Like always, features suggestions are welcome and can be posted on GitHub. Be sure you are not posted a duplicate.

I also plan to publish some new documents in the future (especially regarding the LCD panel) and some videos. But it takes time and I often choose to fix bugs or implement new features.

Thank you all for your support. Thanks to you, I am able to continue this great coding adventure.