Happy 2021 and some news

Dear supporters and users of ADVi3++,

First of all, I wish you an happy new year. We all hope that 2021 will be better than 2020. Last year was difficult for a lot of us and I am not an exception. It was really tough on my side and because of several things that happened, I had to set aside a while from ADVi3++ development.

This is a new year and I have now resumed version 5 development. I have changed my plans a little. Initially, version 5.0 was very ambitious with a lot of new features. I also initially planned to support some third party modules but I have realized that it will give me a lot of support. So I have decided to focus on the heart of version 5:

  • Moving to Marlin 2.x branch. This is already done.
  • Introduce new tools to help diagnosis and fix common issues, in particular BLTouch. This is almost done.

So what to expect in version 5.0? Here a somewhat raw list of changes and new features:

  • Based on Marlin 2.x branch
  • Direct editing of values on the LCD panels
  • Support of filament out or jam sensors
  • Disabling of LCD panel beeping (it already works in version 4.0.6 for some panels, but not all)
  • A better support of Advanced pausing (M600)
  • Replacement of Jerk by Junction deviation (new feature of Marlin 2.x)
  • Better baby stepping
  • Estimation of printing time
  • Unification of BLTouch pre-version 3 and version 3.x (i.e. only 1 binary for all BLTouches)
  • A tool to compensate X-axis twist when using BL-Touch
  • A new setup screen when you reset settings
  • A new screen to help you diagnosis BLTouch problems
  • A better way to detect when there is a hardware problem between the LCD panel and the mainboard.
  • Thermal Runaway control will now be mandatory
  • Less SRAM memory usage (experimental for the moment)
  • A tools (i.e. microSD image) to reformat the LCD panel

The next question is when? Frankly, I do not know. I am very close to a first version 5 release but I still have some bugs to fix and, most of all, plenty of tests to do and it takes time. If I try to guess a date (it is a guess not a commitment), I would say somewhere in March.

Another important topic: some of you are supporting ADVi3++ for a very long time. Some for a little less time. And some are just taking the binaries and do not support the project for more than a few days. When I will release version 5, I will increase (double) the minimum amount to become a supporter (it will goes from USD 4 to USD 8). But the amount will not change for existing, long time supporters: if you are currently paying USD 1 per month, you will continue to pay the same amount as long as you support the project (same for $2 and $4). The increase will only be for new supporters.
The main reason I am doing that is to limit the number of new supporters and, as a consequence, the amount of support I will have to do for new comers. Then, after a while (1 or 2 months), I will see if I go back to the previous cheaper amounts.

Again, thank you all for your support especially those who are supporting ADVi3++ for more than two years. It is so incredible.

Stay safe if you can.

Sebastien Andrivet


Should probably do a posting on Patreon with this info since the last update there was in August - I was wondering if the project was still active. Iā€™m glad you decided to scale back on a huge number of new features - the upgrade to Marlin 2.x is large enough on its own.

I hope you are doing better - the lockdowns, limited family/community contact, etc definitely place a strain on everyone. We have to do the best to support one another in this time.

The interface of Patreon is awful. And I have supporters on other platforms (such as GitHub). So ADVi3++ Community is the main communication medium.

Yes, better thanks. But to be transparent, still not up at 100%. So feedback from supporters is important. Be sure that the development of ADVi3++ is still ongoing. I am very close to a first beta version, but the last steps are the more difficult. I still hope to be able to release something (probably a beta release) in March.