Enhancement in upcoming version 5.4: smoother moves and canceling Extruder Tuning

I am working on the next release (5.4.0) and in particular on an enhancement that I think you will find great: better, smoother movements when using Controls/Move. And it will also react almost immediately when you release the button. I was never satisfied with the previous behaviour and tried different solutions in the past. I think that I find the right approach this time.

In a different part of the firmware (but it is technically related), I will reintroduce the ability to cancel the Extruder Tuning. It was possible in the past, but since version 5.0.0, it was no possible (in part because of reliability issues). It will be reintroduced in version 5.4.0.

I still plan to release this version in the first half of July, so next week or the week after.