Beta Testers Wanted for ADVi3++ Version 5!

I have solved the blocking issues and thus I am now able to release a Beta version of ADVi3++ 5.0.0.
I am looking for testers of this Beta release. “Beta” means that it is an unstable release, something to test, not something ready for production.

To be part of the Beta testers, there are thus some requirements:

  • You have to be a sponsor of the project on Patreon.
  • You must be prepared to test an UNSTABLE version of ADVi3++.
  • Your printer is full functionnal. Do not try this Beta release in the hope it will solve some of your hardware problems.
  • You are able to flash new firmares and you are not afraid of doing it.
  • You are able to tell me exactly the model of your printer, of the mainboard and of any modifications you have made to your printer.
  • You are able to tell me exaclty how you print (which slicer and version, from a SD card or from a software such as Octoprint with its version and plugings).
  • You are able to send me a log of the serial connection to the printer if necessary.
  • You are able to tell me exactly what is going on if something is wrong, not just “it does not work”.

So if you are ready to spend some time testing this Beta version, please contact me by sending a private message with this link:

Thank you in advance for your help and for your time.



Please give me some days to review all the requests and send you the binaries and some information.
Thank you for your help.