After 5.1, what's next?

As announced previously, now that ADVi3++ is aligned with Marlin, I will favor small incremental releases published more often instead of big ones with big gaps between them. This can change, but here are the features I plan to incorporate in the next releases (5.2, 5.3…):

  • Implement SD card file management . Be able to navigate in folders on the SD card.
  • Hide files starting with a dot. Those files are often created by macOS on external devices are are confusing. They should not appear.
  • I will try to also find a solution for the sorting of files. I know that the current system is disturbing (latest files are displayed on the top most of the time, but can become totally out of sync). This is very a difficult issue to solve without taking lots of memory. Marlin currently do not have a solution so I will have to build my own.
  • Diagnostic routines for troubleshooting vibrations and mechanical issues . Add some LCD panels to make repetitive movements and help tracing down mechanical issues or isolating vibration sources in order to improve printing quality. This should not be difficult to implement.
  • Skew compensation implementation . There are often either very slight or very noticeable misalignments in the axes, and skew correction can “fix” these misalignments. This is something different than X Twist compensation.
  • Give more control on the buzzer. Currently, it is very short because I like it to be so, but this is very personal, so I will give the way to control it.
  • Avoid homing all the time. I took a conservative way so I am currently homing at the beginning of any action. As a consequence, ADVi3++ is homing all the time. I should be able to do better.

I would like also to add features specific to some models of printers:

But currently, I am lacking (good) testers with those printers. So if you are one of them and ready to spend some time with me, send me a private message.

These are only a few features on the to do list. Do not hesitate to ask for new ones on GitHub.

Thank you to all, present and past sponsors of the project. I have a lot of fun doing ADVi3++ thanks to you.