ADVi3++ version 4.0.4 - Bug fixes

This is a release with only bug fixes (no new features).

Bugs fixes

  • #224 - Fix ghost touch with BLTouch 3.1. See note bellow
  • #218 - Fix “(L,R,F,B) out of bounds” error
  • #215 - Sometimes after flashing, the LCD Panel displays a version mismatch warning


  • #224 is not really a bug but more a vibration problem with the printer itself or the mounting support. This release tries however to minimize the occurrences of such ghosts touches. As a consequence, the G29 sequence is slower.
    I will change that in version 4.1.0 to make the sensor parameters configurable.


Pre-build binaries are published on ADVi3++ Community but are only available to sponsors of the ADVi3++ project on Patreon. So if you are not a sponsor, you have to generate the binaries yourself (all the binaries, including images).

If you are a sponsor, login here with your Patreon account and get the binaries from Pre-build binaries .

:stopwatch: It takes some minutes to synchronize your Patreon account with your account on ADVi3++ Community. If after an hour, you still have difficulties to access areas exclusive to supporters, send me a message.

Source code

Complete and up to date sources are published on GitHub :


  • For support requests, please post under Get Help.
  • You can also use the search feature in order to look for past similar issues.
  • To report bugs and ask for new features, use GitHub Issues

User Manual

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