ADVi3++ version 4.0.1 - Bug fixes

This is a release with only bug fixes (no new features).

IMPORTANT: This is only for non-BLTouch users. For BLTouch users, there is no change.

NOTE: You do not have to re-flash the LCD part. You can, but there is no change (except version number).

Bugs fixes

  • #208 - Homing Z moves extruder to X10, Y10 (i.e. disable Safe Homing for non BLTouch builds)
  • #209 - Prints are not centered


Pre-build binaries are published on ADVi3++ Community but are only available, for the moment, to sponsors of the ADVi3++ project on Patreon. So if you are not a sponsor, you have to generate the binaries yourself (all the binaries, including images).

If you are a sponsor, login here with your Patreon account and get the binaries from Pre-build binaries .

Source code

Complete and up to date sources are published on GitHub :


Since version 4.0 is now published, I will again do support for everybody (supporters or not) but supporters have the priority.

For support requests, please use the new ADVi3++ Community - Get Help web site I put in place recently (based on Discourse). You can also use the search feature in order to look for past similar issues.

The updated User Manual is no more on GitHub but also on ADVi3++ Community .

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Hi Sebastien, I am on version 4.0.0 WITH BLTouch but have just noticed my prints are not centered. Are you sure 4.0.1. is only for people with no BLTouch or have I got some other problem? My prints seem to be a bit to the right of and behind the center.

Edit: I have upgraded to 4.0.1 and it is still printing with an offset of (as far as I can make out) X+6. If I command the printer with G1 X200 it crashes into the right hand support. I only noticed this as I wanted to print an item (that I have printed before) that exactly fills the print bed.

I had a slight shift from center until I spent some time to measure the offset of my BLTouch from the nozzle. The default setting (even though I used one of the designs the setting was based on) did not match and when I set it up with the actual ones, it was spot on.

If you’re using something like octoprint, it’s easy to get the numbers. Deploy the bltouch pin and mark the spot on the bed. Go into the terminal in octoprint and send a gcode command to return the head position. Write that down. Use the manual controls in octorint to move the nozzle over the mark you made where the pin was, then again issue a position command, and record the position. Do the math for the x and y axis, then enter those offsets into the settings. After that, things will be better aligned. Your auto leveling also should improve.

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Can you tell me which support you are using so I can fix its position?

Hi Sebastien, I am using my own support (I assume you mean the bracket for the BLTouch) - its offsets are X -22, Y-45. Does the position of the BLTouch in relation to the nozzle affect the position of the object being printed? I can’t see how - or do I misunderstand your question.
Nuramori, thanks for the reply and for the method of determining the BLTouch to Nozzle offset. As I mention to Sebastien above, I don’t understand how the BLTouch/nozzle offset settings affects the print position. I can see it matters for levelling of course.

I initially thought the same too, until I came across a post on another site about a similar issue. I didn’t save the link, but I can look for it.

The reason I THINK it can influence the “centering” of the head is, it seemed to me that the BLtouch would always appear to probe the actual center of my bed, but when it then moved the nozzle, it would be off. That led me to think that instead of the nozzle being used as the reference, the BLTouch pin was the reference zero with the nozzle being moved based off of that, rather than the other way around. If the nozzle was always reference zero, then any change in offset should make the probe tip move away from the center of the bed during the test routine. After probing, the offset info would seem to determine the “center” for the nozzle, instead of just being an offset number for the purposes of calculating the mesh. It seemed to be validated when I changed the offset values to reflect the true relationship of pin to nozzle, as the centering of the nozzle in relation to the bed moved. Not sure if that makes sense.

Maybe Sebastian can give some insight on the coding? It may be all in my head.

I am using this bracket, which I believe is intended to share the same offsets as the default “teaching tech L. Side”.

My measurements on my i3 plus were as follows (as reported by querying the printer with M114)
pin - x:97.20 y:87.50
nozzle - x:123.0 y:137.0

This gave me offset numbers of x: - 25.8 y:-49.5

After inputting these as a “custom” setting, it will locate properly to the middle, with both the initial z-height test pin probe, and the final home location of the nozzle.

I have fiddled with the BLTouch offsets - objects still print slightly off centre in the X direction but it doesn’t crash into the right hand side any more (just) so it must have made some difference. Thanks folks, I can live with it now.

I may have a bug here. I have to study this and I will let you know.