ADVi3++ 5.6.0 released

This release has important fixes:


  • As usual, supporters of the project on Patreon can find the pre-built binaires in ADVi3++ Binaries .

User Manual

Source code

Complete and up to date sources are published on GitHub :


For support requests, please ask your question on ADVi3++ Community - Get Help . I reply to support requests only there. You can also use the search feature in order to look for past similar issues.

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@andrivet I just want to express my gratitude for all of your work. I have only just installed advi3++ on my cocoon create touch after being a patreon for some time. I printed the screen enclosure almost 2 years ago in preparation. I finally fitted it 3 days ago and completed the firmware update, I cannot believe I waited this long to finally update the firmware :scream:
I’m now waiting for my BLTouch to arrive for an even bigger upgrade.
Thankyou again,

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