ADVi3++ 5.1.1 released

This release fixes an important bug related to Automatic Bed Leveling and X Twist compensation. I recommend to apply it.


  • As usual, supporters of the project on Patreon can find the pre-built binaires in ADVi3++ Binaries.

User Manual

Source code

Complete and up to date sources are published on GitHub :


For support requests, please ask your question on ADVi3++ Community - Get Help . I reply to support requests only there. You can also use the search feature in order to look for past similar issues.

Hey, just upgraded to 5.1.1 from 4.06 and noticed that the filament load/unload action will raise and then lower the print head before and after the load/unload. I don’t like this because:

  1. It’s annoying to wait for the print head to go up and down multiple times if you do unload and then a load
  2. It doesn’t home your print head before raising, so it can go past the max Z height
  3. When it lowers after a filament load, you often get a blob of melted plastic stuck on the nozzle

Maybe it would be better to put a button on the load/unload screen to raise the nozzle manually instead of doing it automatically.

I am planning to change this behavior in a future release.

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