Z motor weirdness

Has anyone heard of this issue? When I tell my printer to go up the left Z motor moves and then the right one doesn’t move until way after and it causes my whole x carriage to become way off level. Thanks for any help

It looks like its caused by the steppers moving in different directions but they’re both plugged in to the Z ports and I don’t see any options in Marlin to only invert 1 motor

Never heard of such issue. Have you made modifications to your printer?

Hi! It looks like a polarity inversion on the stepper motor which is going a different way. Have you checked if the wirings are with the same connections for both motors?

I haven’t made any modifications to the printer and I’ll check in the morning but I believe the wiring is the same for both but I could try to jam the connector in backwards

Look for the simple things first. IF the fault has just suddenly appeared as you describe it could be an intermittent break in the wiring loom that reconnects after the other z-motor starts to move. Wiggle the wiring around to see if you can make the fault go away. Also, try replacing the wiring cables to the motors to see if this cures the fault.

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