Z-height issues with a Mark II on 4.0.3


I have a Mark II which I got when it released. It has the stock sensor with a blue cap at the bottom and a red LED at the top. It has no manual z-stop switch.

I have upgraded it from stock to run 4.0.3, and other than that, it has no mods or other adjustments. I have double checked I am running the correct mainboard/LCD firmware.

I can’t for the life off me figure out how to configure the z-height. No matter what I do, the extruder just hits the build plate and keeps pressing down until I turn the printer off.

I have gone into Settings > Sensor > and set the Z-height to 3mm, which is about how far the sensor is above the extruder.

Do I have the wrong kind of sensor? The one that shipped with my printer doesn’t have a needle to stow/deploy.

Any help is greatly appreciated!

Sorry, I see your message only today. You have to manually adjust the height of your sensor (following instructions from Wanhao). You can’t adjust it with the LCD panel.

What height should I set the sensor to? Is there a fixed height it should be at?

Currently it’s about 3mm higher than the extruder hot-end. The sensor detects the build plate because the LED turns red. But the extruder seems to ignore this and keeps moving down until it hits the print bed.

I can’t tell you. It is dependent of your printer. You have to follow the instructions of Wanhao. This is not related to ADVi3++.

I didn’t have any z-height issues with the stock wanhao firmware. I was able to z-home without any issues.

This issue has only happened since installing advi3++.

As far as I know, you are the only one with this issue. As I do not own this model, I can’t help you. Maybe somebody else can.