Z endstop not working after installing 3.0.2 and version 4

Hi I installed advi3++ version 3.0.3 on my Balco 3D touch(Wanhao i3 Plus rebrand) and the z axis endstop stopped working. It was fine before the upgrade. i then tried flashing version 4 and everything flashed as it should but still no z axis limiting. Has anyone else had these issues any help would be awesome I am capable of adjusting settings in config h if need be just need a place to start :slight_smile:

Very probably some connector is not plugged correctly or your z endstop is damaged.

Thanks for your quick reply I have checked all cables and everything is as it should be and z axis was working fine before flashing advi3++

Tested in proteface m119 command sends all endstops open, x and y show triggered when pressed in but z doesnt. Inverted z endstop in config h and now z is showing triggered all the time in proteface dont make sense surely flashing the board wouldnt fry the switch

just reflashed stock firmware and still no z endstop :frowning: its lookin like ur right andrivet switch must of gone bad just my luck haha everything else works pukka tho love this firmware compared to stock its night and day. Gonna order in a new switch in the meantime if anyone has any ideas whether it still might be a software issue let me know :slight_smile:

quick update I have tested limit switch with an electrical tester and its fine and all the wiring going to the board is intact and good only leaves the board itself or something else HELPPP!!! :slight_smile:

Aldi Balco 3D Printer HE180021 5.2C UK Between Mark I and Mark II, z-endtop = 6

This is my model i3 plus does anyone know what the z endstop= 6 refers to??

Sorted it guys on this particular printer the z endstop pin has to be changed to 6 in the pin i3 plus.h file in marlin and hey presto everything works as it should at least my headache as made a post that some one else in the same boat might get some use out of thanks guys :slight_smile:

For HE180021 you have to use the appropriate firmware (the one marked with HE180021). It is in the installation instructions: Step 4 - Choose the right Mainboard firmware.

im having this same issue on my y axis .
after instaling 4.0.3
what can i do to fix.?

You also have a Balco printer?