Z azis Crashing into bed on Maker Select Plus

I have a maker select plus with Main board version 5.1. I installed a BL touch V3.1, the LCD and Software and firmware version 4.0.6 BL3 version. I have double checked all the board connections and cannot find anything wrong. Am stumped!!! Is there an issue with BL Touch Version 3.1 and the firmware?

Have a PowersPec with BL Tough Version 3.0 (running 4.0.6) and another Maker select plus with BL Touch Version 2.0 (running the older 3.0.2 version of the firmware. Both work OK.

No, it works perfectly.

Maybe for you but not on my printer. I have seen a lot of topics and posts with this problem. Seems a bit strange that this continues to be an issue with users.

Which ones?

The only issue is either a bad soldering, a bad cabling (especially with Dupont connectors), a bad BLTouch or a problem with the mainboard.

You are insinuating something that is wrong.

@Robert_Frey Here is an example of someone telling that the firmware is not working with BLTouch 3.1 until… he realize it was a cabling problem:


You said this:

Moreover, you have solved your problem but without telling here what was your solution. You take the assistance but does not give it back to people. This is not fair.

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