Z-axis will not home

Hey there, I am having an issue where my z-axis will not home, or go down any lower than what the height is upon start up. I had previously been running your 4.0.0 firmware, with a BLTouch 3. Everything was working fine, I just wanted to update the firmware to the newest version. Now my z axis wont home at all. I have checked the wires multiple times, even swapped some out. The bltouch turns on, I can run the “self test” on it just fine. When I try to home the axis’, x and y home fine, then the nozzle moves to the middle of the bed (normal), then deploys and immediately retracts the probe from the bltouch. I cant even drop the z axis on my own in the controls. It thinks it is at 0 and will not let me move it any loewr.

This is because you have a wiring problem or a fault on your board.

I am having a similar problem after upgrading from ADV4 to 5. I am able to manually move the Z axis down but homing brings Z to max height. As a result, the BL touch activates in the air and fails. How do I reset the home coordinate? Z axis stop trigger is unplugged in my model. On version 4 the axes and home coordinates were normal. Is there an edit I need to make in the code script? Thank you.

You have to tel a little more. You gave almost no information: which printer do you have? Which version of BLTouch? Which firmware have you used? Do you try the diagnostic feature of version 5, etc.

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