Z-Axis Lead Screw upgrade

I recently updated my Monoprice Maker Select Plus’s stock z-axis threaded rod to a finer lead screw to increase the accuracy on the z-axis. I swapped the parts and updated the firmware on the mother board but have not been able to update the LCD screen with the new steps per MM. I attempted to manually change the steps per mm but was unable to due to the max the LCD would allow was 800 while I need to get to 1600. How should I proceed?

For that, you need to modify the LCD resources with the DGUS tools (DGUS SDK).

Could you recommend any how-to guides? I don’t have a tech background and am teaching myself all of this. Note: Sadly no one has posted a youtube video on this issue.

There is no guide, as far as I know and the only documentation is in Chinese.

Is there any way you could send me an image that is set to 1600 steps per mm? It would mean a lot if you would. :slight_smile:

This is not easy as I am developing a new version. I will see what I can do.

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I would be incredibly thankful if you would, or if you were to add an option in the next version that allowed the steps per mm to go past 800 and for it to be updated manually.

Thank you,

I send you the binary in a private message. I have not tested it. At your own risks.

Fantastic. It appears to have done the trick. I am now going to do some calabration tests to make sure that all is working correctly.