Z Axis Crashes Into Bed During Z Homing After Recent Upgrade To 4.0.6 from 3.0.1

Hi, I just upgraded from the older version of ADVi3 to version 4.0.6. on my Monoprice Maker Select Plus. After a quick Z-Home the print head crashes into the print bed and does not stop even though the Z-Axis limit switch is pressed. The Z limit switch had worked perfectly before the upgrade and now does not register. What could be the solution here? Any help is greatly appreciated.

This is because the z end stop is no more used in version 4. You have to follow the instructions in the User Manual,

Okay thanks for the update. Correct me if I’m wrong but will me not having BLTouch affect if I can use version 4?

Not sure to understand your question. I assumed your are not using a BLTouch and it is not the case? So check your cabling.

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