Y Axis stuttering when printing - Aldi Balco Touch UK

Good afternoon,

I have an Aldi i3 clone (Balco Touch with V5.2C board) and recently I have had severe trouble with the Y axis. The bed seems to jitter when it moves during a print. This only appears to happen when the printer is printing. During travel or when moved manually using the controls it is smooth. This is producing surface defects as pictured.

I have attached a slow motion video of the hot bed moving during a print which shows a noticeable stop/start motion to the print bed. This is producing the vertical lines shown in the test cube below.

[video=youtube;TYSGepeNibI] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TYSGepeNibI [/video]


Heres what I have done so far to try and teoubleshoot:

-Replaced Y axis bearings with Drylin nylon ones.
-Squared the frame and installed a z brace.
-Tightened the Y axis belt.
-Replaced the Y axis stepper motor.
-Upped the VREF of the Y axis driver.
-Replaced Y axis idler pulley mount with a stronger design from Thingiverse.

None of this has helped and I’m at the end of my tether with the machine. I changed to ADVi3++ several weeks ago hoping it was a firmware issue.

Printer Details:
Aldi Balco Touch V5.2C with BLTouch

Does anyone have any ideas what could be wrong as I am completely lost!

Kind regards,

Maybe you have wrong acceleration parameters in the firmware (Settings / Motors / Acceleration)

Hi Andrivet,
These are my Acceleration and Jerk settings.16055422185084604791505178294941

Those are not the default values. In particular, Travel is very high.
The default values are here:

I set the parameters as per the default parameters and still have the same problem. When I lightly touch the bed during y axis movement, there is a noticeable stutter. It appears to only be there when printing. During bed leveling for example, the Y axis moves smoothly without such stutter.
Could it be the mainboard thats past its best?

So maybe it is a problem with your slicer. Have you looked at the generated gcode?

Here is the Gcode for the calibration cube I used. I’m completely clueless when it comes to code and programming so looking through the gcode would be a complete mystery to me.

cALIBRATION cUBE.gcode (742.7 KB)

I compare your gcode with one I slice also with Cura 4.8.0 and do not see anything obvious.

Hi All, I had the same problem with my Wanhao i3 Plus (not sure what main board I have)… when running 4.0.6
I tried various fixes, resetting everything to default - and checked the belts etc.
Could not get it to work.

I downgraded to 4.0.3 which I had been running previously, and my Y axis is now working correctly.

@JonD @TotallyFlyTying How do you print? Please provide information so I can help.

I have checked manually all the differences between 4.0.3 and 4.0.6 and there is one major: the size of the internal buffer used by Marlin to print. So maybe (just a guess) it creates problems with USB printing depending of the software used. So it is important for me to have information about the setup you are using.

I always print from an SDCARD installed in the printer. I’ve only used the USB when upgrading the firmware.

My workflow goes Fusion 360 -> Cura 4.2.1 with a custom profile for the Wanhao i3 Plus that I have tweaked over the last few years.
Copy GCODE file to SDCARD - > printer -> print !

I might be able to put together a small test print that works ok on 4.0.3 and fails on 4.0.6 … and put the gcode up here. I’ll try and do that over the coming weekend.

In the same way as @TotallyFlyTying the symptom is a vibration/jitter in the Y axis that can be easily felt to the touch when it is printing. Manually moving the Y Axis from the touchscreen panel doesn’t cause the same noise/vibration.

Would be great. If you can also put your profile so I can do the same tests.