Y-axis ghosting

I currently have a reasonable amount of Y-axis Ghosting. Had some issue with belt guidance (front guide was misaligned), so the belt is slightly damaged (ordered new incl 0.9 degree steppers). So hardware is not 100% error free.
I noticed the hotbed is just not moving fluently back and forth. Have already tried replacing the bearings without any improvement (actually went back to the originals).
Doing some PETG small prints right now on which you would notice no ghosting, but did an XYZ cube last week in which you could easily see it.

Do see other topics making the suggestion it is related to a specific version of ADVI3++ (4.0.6).
Can this be in any way related to the firmware? It is the firmware telling the stepper what to do.

Wanhao Dup I3 Plus with Advi3++ 4.0.6 installed. Several upgrades installed for belt guidance , Microswiss Hotend, Original BLTouch.

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Which ones? I do no see such topics.

What do you describe looks very like a hardware problem. Like if you two y rodes are not parallel.

And a picture would be welcomed (if you already posted it in the past, a link to the topic) because this printer does have some ghosting. So it is difficult to know if what you are describing is normal or not.

Okay, 1 single other topic which has been deleted meanwhile.

I’ll send a picture in a few.

Not suggesting it is ADVI3++. Only wondering if it is remotely possible.


A single topic about an unknown version of the firmware, reason why I deleted the topic: it was not following the rules of this community.

Still assume this ghosting is hardware related. Replacement parts are on order, so we’ll see if that fixes things.

Did you ever get this sorted? I have a similar issue!

I did replace belt and front belt mount (inside the case) which was bent. Have not been using the printer much over the last few months (been building another printer which used most of my time). I’ll do another cube and see how it is now.


Let’s say I’ve seen better…

My idler pulley was also bent. I replaced the mount with a stronger 3d printed one but the alignment seems to be off axis from the stepper motor pulley.

Ive ordered a new belt and pulley for mine so heres hoping I can fix the issue!

Thanks for getting back to me!

I had alignment issues with a printed pulley I found. I redesigned a pulley that reacts on the shield plate and a stronger motor mount too https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:4645666.

Both installed photo 2

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