X direction printing is limited to 195mm

Monoprice Maker Select Plus MoBo 5.1
BL-Touch 3.1
ADVi3++ 5.0.0

Guys, I’m not sure if this is a bug or some misconfiguration in my printing parameters. In case it is a problem with my setup, Sebastien, could you move this to the appropriate category?
This is the model I created to check the total printing area:

and here is the STL: Calibrador largura e profundidade v1.stl (583.1 KB)
and GCODE file for PLA with bed temperature 50°C and hotend 205°C: Calibrador largura e profundidade v1.gcode (516.9 KB)

The result is a limitation of a little bit more than 195mm on X direction:

The Y direction is working fine, printing full 200mm:

It could be nice if someone could print it to check if this is happening to others.

Any clue is appreciated



I will check on my printer.

So I confirm I get the same issue on my printer. My hypothesis is that it is a bug in ADVi3++. I will continue testing.

Yes, this is a bug in ADVi3++. It is tracked here: https://github.com/andrivet/ADVi3pp/issues/259

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Found the problem and the solution. Will be fixed in the next release (probably this weekend).


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