X-axis moving to the right when homing

When I go and hit the X Home button, the extruder head moves roughly 10mm to the right and then does nothing else.
this just started out of nowhere, i just got finished doing a manual bed level then i went to home everything when i was done and then this happened.

im running ADVI3++ 4.0.6 with BL touch
Thanks in advance,

It looks like one of the connectors is not well plugged in its socket. Look at the board behind of the printer and the black ribbon cable. It is often there.

i just unplugged all of those wires and it worked, but then after i preheated the extruder and go to home all the axis, it does the same thing.
ive been 3d printing for 4 years now and ive never seen this. maybe you have an idea to put my madness at ease. because i have no clue lol

As this is not related to ADVi3++, I move this topic in a more appropriate category.

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