X and Y axis some times moves on their own

hi i have notice a bug i think, some times when im in the controller menu and want to move Z, x and y start moving and my screen freezes so i cant stop them from moving, the only thing i can do to stop them is to turn of the printer.
it is not always both x and y some times it is only x that is moving on its own

You are the only one to report such behavior so far. Myself, never see such thing except when I had a cable problem.

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Most of the problems with X axis if the cable or the board behind the printer. Check the ribbon cable is well plugged into its slot.

i will do that, but it seems strange to me that a loos cable to the axis is the problem since it happens when i klikk on +/- to Z

When the cables are not well plugged, they can move a little when the printer moves (any axis) and it creates strange things. And I am not saying I am right, it is just an idea.

Weird, my Y axis moves forward 1 step when attempting to moving my Z axis…

I too have seen this happen periodically.

This is very probably electronic noise. It is a common problem with this printer.

This has been a common problem for me as well. If it is electronic noise, is there a good way to insulate against it?

Change the cables, the PSU, add capacitors, … but this is not related to the firmware, so not the best place to discuss about such problems.

I created a category for printer’s things not directly related to the firmware:


There are some development regarding this issue:

So after all, it may be an issue in the firmware. Since it is only for some people and not all users of ADVi3++ 4, I guess it a mix of electronic noise and modifications in the firmware between version 3 and 4.

I will try to reproduce the issue, but it is not easy.

I’m noticing the same issue. Trying to reproduce the steps, I’ve seen the following:

On a fresh startup, I have yet to see this happen, and can move Z up/down without an issue.

If I start a print (via SD) and then stop it while it’s printing, then go in the UI to controls and try to move the Z axis up, I am more likely to see the following happen:

  • Y will nudge slightly forward (stopping at its end), and Z will move up as directed, or
  • X will start creeping slowly from the left home position towards the right, and the only way I can stop it is to reset the printer (where it then behaves as a fresh startup without issue).

Maker Select Plus, currently running 4.0.3.

@ andrivet

See if you are able to duplicate this on your end. Unless it’s just happening with certain machines. (See end of post for my machine info.)

I’m finding the following steps always have the same (incorrect) results.

This pattern can be repeated every time for me:


Flip Rear Power Switch On
(Wait for main screen animation to complete)
Tap UP for Z


Z will not move however, bed will move in the forward Y position for several steps.

After this, everything will work perfectly until I power off the printer and repeat the listed steps above again.

Could there perhaps be a memory overrun from the benchy startup graphics? (Do these graphics files take more memory space than previous releases?)

I can repeat this everytime.

MODEL: Monoprice Maker Select Plus
ELECTRICAL MODS: Bed Mosfet Upgrade Only
Firmware: 4.0.4
Build: 191230174505
Dgus: 2.2
Marlin: 1.1.9

Images are taking no memory space.

Guess that’s not the problem then. :slight_smile:

Thanks for the quick response and the great software. Hopefully this minor bug will eventually be tracked down.

I have a similar problem with 4.0.4, sometimes when i try to extrude using the controls on screen the x and y axis start to move at a really slow rate… It does not stop and continues even after the x and y crash into maximum travel. The only way to stop it is to reset using power.

Next time it happens i will video it for you.