X and Y axis some times moves on their own

hi i have notice a bug i think, some times when im in the controller menu and want to move Z, x and y start moving and my screen freezes so i cant stop them from moving, the only thing i can do to stop them is to turn of the printer.
it is not always both x and y some times it is only x that is moving on its own

You are the only one to report such behavior so far. Myself, never see such thing except when I had a cable problem.

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Most of the problems with X axis if the cable or the board behind the printer. Check the ribbon cable is well plugged into its slot.

i will do that, but it seems strange to me that a loos cable to the axis is the problem since it happens when i klikk on +/- to Z

When the cables are not well plugged, they can move a little when the printer moves (any axis) and it creates strange things. And I am not saying I am right, it is just an idea.

Weird, my Y axis moves forward 1 step when attempting to moving my Z axis…

I too have seen this happen periodically.

This is very probably electronic noise. It is a common problem with this printer.

This has been a common problem for me as well. If it is electronic noise, is there a good way to insulate against it?

Change the cables, the PSU, add capacitors, … but this is not related to the firmware, so not the best place to discuss about such problems.

I created a category for printer’s things not directly related to the firmware:


There are some development regarding this issue:

So after all, it may be an issue in the firmware. Since it is only for some people and not all users of ADVi3++ 4, I guess it a mix of electronic noise and modifications in the firmware between version 3 and 4.

I will try to reproduce the issue, but it is not easy.