Wiping the screen firmware completely out

Does anyone know if there is a way to reformat the lcd on the di3 plus?
make it so there is no firmware on it? I am wondering if that may help me getting my di3 back up and running

When you copy the new files to the SD card and install the card in the screen it formats screen automatically installs in new firmware

There is a lot of confusion about the LCD screen. Sorry @Steven_Petrusovski, but what you said is wrong.

The LCD screen is a smart screen. Smart in the sense that it is in fact a full computer run by an ARM processor and the equivalent of an operating system: a firmware. This firmware is NOT provided by ADVi3++, but by the manufacturer (DWIN).

When the LCD screen boots, this internal firmware looks if a microSD card is inside the slot, if it is readable and if it contains a file called CONFIG.txt inside the folder DWIN_SET. if so, it takes the content of the DWIN_SET folder to update some of its internal structures. This DWIN_SET folder is what is provided by ADVi3++. I call them “LCD Resources” to avoid confusion with the actual firmware.

So, for your questions:

  • A LCD screen without any firmware is bricked.
  • There are ways to “clear” the LCD resources, but it is quite complicated and requires some hardware material.
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I did find a formatting fw from wanhao. My screen is still messed up, I am throwing in the towel.

This “firmware” is just a set of empty resources. Does not format anything.

But what exactly is your problem?

Do you have a link to the documentation on how to clear the LCD resources and the hardware required? We have a screen that was previously working with 4.0.0. We flashed a different firmware onto it, then reverted. The screen appears to have images left over from other firmware. Being able to wipe it clean would be ideal.

Wanhao says this firmware “formats” the LCD display. I have not tried myself:


Thanks - we were able to work past this by changing the serial port on the board we’re working with to work around the problem of the first image just staying on the screen.