Which firmware Version with BL Touch Smart 3.1 and Silence3d board?


I have a question about the Firmware with BL Touch.

I am Using a Wanhao I3 Plus with a 5.1 Board
( i have installed the Silence3d Board )
So i need to use the Firmware Version from the Silence3D website, because if i dont use it the axis movements will not work correctly.

I have buy the following BL touch sensor.

As i can see on the Firmware versions they are different versions

Is this the Correct Firmware Version ?

5.1 part with
Smart v3

On the Silence3d Website i only can Download the Version for the BLTouch and not for the BLTouch Smart v3.


At the Moment i have installed the Silence3d version for BLTouch everything looks like its working but i get the same issues like others here in the community that one side is to low after the automatic leveling if i am leveling manual everything looks perfect, i hope maybe its just a Firmware Problem in my case. But this problem should be communicated in another Topic.

So thanks for your help

I do not provide support for other firmwares. Please contact you manufacturer.

I understand this, i only wanted to know if i need the Firmware with the BLTouch Smart v3 for the sensor i bought. :v:


I don’t know. Also next time, please choose an appropriate title (at least mention that you are using the firmware of Silence3d).

@andrivet maybe you need to read again my post complete and slowly so you can understand everything.

I was not asking support for another Firmware.
And i was telling two times that i am using the Silence3d Firmware. Maybe not in the title but that shouldnt matter because its a general question.

I am aware that I have specific questions regarding the firmware to communicate with the manufacturer silence3d.

but I just wanted to know if the sensor I bought works with the BL Touch firmware or whether it needs the firmware for the BlTouch Smart.

I suspect that I need the smart firmware, but I’m not really sure. currently it seems to work with the BL Touch firmware where exactly the differences between the firmwares are, I don’t know.

That’s why I ask about it and for this question it shouldn’t matter whether I use a Silence3d firmware or the firmware offered here.

please do not feel attacked by this, but if there was an understanding problem for you, just ask.

I think we are in a great community here and try to optimize our “bad” printer as much as possible.
I am grateful for that and therefore I also support you

greetings kai

You are using a firmware made by someone else and I don’t know how. So I can’t answer to your question. For support about this firmware, please ask its manufacturer.

I am modifying you title for something more understandable and more in line with your question.

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Thank you @andrivet

How it would be if i am using the Firmware from you wich one i need to choose ?
I guess its the Firmware with the BL Touch Smart v3 am i right ?

And can i ask about the next Firmware Version 5
Will it be working with a silence3d board ?

So I think something is not clear: the firmware you are using, from Silence3d, is NOT ADVi3++. It is made by Silence3d. They took my firmware as a base with my authorization and for free. But the condition is that I will not provide support for THEIR firmware. They took my code, and they modify it to work with their custom board. I do not know what modifications they have done (and I do not care).

So again, I can’t reply for them. Same for version 5. How can I know if they will port ADVi3++ version 5 to make it work with their custom board?

I hope it is clearer now.

Its already clear for me.

Lets ask this way :

Forget about the silence3d … i dont have installed this board !
And i have buy this BL Touch Sensor ( the picture is in my first post )

Is it right i need to use the Firmware Version for the BL Touch Smart v3 ( even if i have buy v3.1 ) ?

I just want to know wich version is the right.

And i really understand that you dont give a support for the silence3d Firmware but thats not my point i just want to get the Information so i can contact the manufacturer.

Actually i have send already an email and waiting for the respond.

Thanks :pray:t4:


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