What part of firmware controls the auto-leveling points?

Hi Andrivet,

I use an inductive sensor instead of a BLTouch. So to make my sensor work, I had to manually modify your firmware. I know that this is not recommended and probably don’t desereve support. But I have to try and ask anyway (refer to this thread where we talked about voltage dividers and optocouplers).

So I’m using version 4.04 right now. It works perfectly fine using a mount that is to the LEFT and front of the nozzle. Picture below.

Screen Shot 2020-10-26 at 5.40.43 PM

Now I changed this mount to be on the RIGHT side to make it look cleaner. I also edited the sensor position (notice I also modified the mount’s name as I was editing the firmware). See below.


I believe this setting is correct but when I perform an autoleveling routine (from the screen menu), it says “Homing…” on the screen. Then, the extruder moves ALL THE WAY TO THE LEFT and hits the x-switch. So it just stays there and doesn’t proceed anymore.

So I tried using a negative value assuming that maybe the diagram was wrong.


First 2 points were fine. But problem is on 3rd point. Picture below is on the 3rd point.


The problem is that when performing an auto-leveling routine (from the screen menu), the third point moves OUTSIDE OF THE BED. This causes an error. Therefore, autoleveling does not complete. How is this being computed? I know it is dynamic but I can’t figure out from the firmware where I can check it out – maybe I fix it?

Screen Shot 2020-10-26 at 5.29.48 PM

Have you tried negative 35.5 mm for your X offset ?

As this is related to a Mod and not to ADVi3++ by itself, I will move this to the Mods category.

It is difficult to answer to your question as it is a very particular setup. Please provide the full source code so I can see what you have changed (not here, it will be too big, on GitHub for example).

Hi ian.taylor4,

I actually performed your suggestion of using a negative x offset.

When I saw your response, I re-read my post. I realized that a lot of items were missing from my original post. I don’t know what happened there so let me fix it up again.

Hi Andrivet,

To describe the issue clearer, I need to edit my post because some details are missing. But anyway, I will need to figure out how to provide you with the full source code — I am unfamiliar with github but will try.

Thanks for your replies! I will be editing my original post shortly.

Hmm… I can’t seem to edit my original post. So here is what got lost …

You can’t edit because I move the topic into another category and thus I am the author now (and you can’t edit my posts). I have updated the post.

The diagram is correct. I assume that the values you gave (either in the sources or on the LCD panel) were rejected because they are not coherent (out of bounds). That’s why the extruder stays on the left.

Do you have a terminal connected to the printer? It will probably tell you what is going wrong.

Hi Andrivet,

You are right. I connected Octoprint from my pi zero and I did see the “out of bounds” message. But the values I used are what I think they are supposed to be. I even modified it from 35 to 5 and even to -5 and still could not complete an auto-leveling sequence. On the 35 value, it fails right away. On the 5 and -5 value, it fails on the 3rd point.

Screen Shot 2020-10-31 at 5.27.16 PM

I also figured how to upload the modified / custom 4.0.4 version into Github (Link here). Any line of code I modified from your version would always have the remark “Dave” on it. So a Ctrl-F should clearly identify what lines were modified.

BTW, thank you for fixing / merging my original post earlier above to make it more coherent :slight_smile:

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