What happen to the BLTouch Sensor if the voltage jumper isn't changed to 5 Volts

I have a Wanhao Duplicator I3 Plus 3d Printer with ADVi3++ version 4.0.4 loaded. I was having trouble calibrate the Z axes. Every time I would try to calibrate the z-axis manually or go to home it would crash into the plate. After reading a couple of articles on the internet about mounting the BLTouch sensor. When I received the printer it already had the sensor mounted, at the time the firmware was at version 3.0.2. I was told that the printer still used the microswitch as the limit switch for the z-axis. The sensor was used for leveling the table. when I decided to check the installation of the sensor. I resoldered the connection into the motherboard, that when I found that the voltage jumper had not been changed. I would like to know if the 24 volts damaged the sensor? and what else could have been damaged.

This is true for version 3.0.2, but not for version 4.0. It is now using only the z-probe connector. The exact procedure is explained in the User Guide:

Which jumper? Are you talking about the jumper near the Z-probe connector? Normally, you have nothing connected in pin #1, only on pin #2 and #3. So it does not make a difference.

If your sensor has received at one time 24V, even briefly, it has probably fried your sensor.

But I guess that your problem is more related to something wrong in the cabling for version 4. Can you explain precisely how your BLTouch is connected to the motherboard?

here is a picture of the way the BLTouch sensor was connected into the printer.20191230_080607 I have since redone to look like this20200105_151918 . You can see that that the jumper has not been moved. what is the purpose for the change in voltage?

Probably to be able to plug a sensor that needs 24v (such as proximity sensors).

Your wiring of the Z-probe connector seems OK. But not the wiring of the EXT connector. It looks incorrect. On the first picture, it looks correct.

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you are right, I fix it. Thanks. I have tested it, everything seems ok. I have tested the sensor and the prob using the home button the head stops. next is the calibration.