What does BLTouch "not big differences" mean?

Hi, in the manual you state: "The automatic bed leveling is good to compensate small deviations. Not big ones. ".

What counts as a “big” deviation?

It means that you have to level your bed manually before using automatic bed leveling.

Thanks, I do that already.

But how big is “big”? 5mm? 0.05mm?

There is no general answer to that. Again, it just means that you can’t rely on the automatic bed leveling to compensate for any kind of bad leveling. So certainly not 5mm.


So since you need to manually calibrate to around 0.1mm manually as well, it’d make sense that it can only adjust for variance less than that figure.

Thanks! I was more just interested really.

Hi - while I’m here, does this idea make sense? I’ve not added an Issue 'cos I’m not sure if it does or not :slight_smile:

In the manual levelling section, would it be possible to have a button to read the BLTouch distance for the current test point?

I’m wondering if something like this makes sense: use the “z offset” feature and a feeler to set that up as normal.

But when you’re manually levelling, you use a feeler and also see what the BLTouch offset would be. Then you can adjust the spring so it minimises the offset.

I often find that even though the friction “feels” right with the feeler, the BLTouch offset for that point is still larger than I expected.