Wanhao i3 Plus / Z show -270

I have flashed my Wanhao i3 Plus and it looks fine but on a print it runs Z at -270 and I have no idea why?


It is difficult to follow you. You give very few information.

Looks expected, this the what the firmware send when z-homing.


So I have A Wanhao i3 PLus now fillu loaded with 4.0.6 Firmware and LCD.

On power up it is fine, but when printing it wants to reduce the Z to -270 I have followed all the steps.

I have a Mark 2 unit with LCD built in, what am I doing wrong.

It is forcing the extruder into the BED I have to turn it off to stop it?


Yes, this is expected. The printer has no idea where the bed is, so it goes to (arbitrary) -270. It should stop when the bed is reached. It is detected either by the z end stop (Mark I) or the sensor (Mark II or BLTouch).

So it looks like you have a problem with the detection of the bed. Are you sure you have flashed the right firmware (for the Mark II if you have a Mark II)?

This is my dilemma.

I have the Wanhao with no BLtouch or Proximity sensor.

I have installed a Proximity sensor and and maybe I have the wrong firmware version for the sensor.

or should I drop the Proximity sensor and go straight to BLTOUCH v3?


If you have a Mark II, you have a proximity sensor. If not, you do not have a Mark II. So please can you tell me exactly which printer you have?

Wanhao i3 Plus

So why do you said this? I am lost.

Can you explain exactly which printer you have (post pictures if you are not sure), which modification you have made (especially the proximity sensor if you add one: model, how do you connect, etc…), etc.

I was under the impression after check online it is mark two as it has the inbuilt LCD screen.

As far as I know it is a Wanhao i3 plus.

I purchased a Proximity Sensor with update firmware and found it was based on Adv++.

So I decided to get the latest software.

The version it came with was : ADVi3pp-Marlin-advi3-2.1.0

So my version never came with Proximity Sensor.


It is clearly a mark I not a mark II. I think you make a confusion with the previous model, the i3 v2.

Which one, where? Please give me a link.

It was an ebay purchase a while back and no longer online, when received came with instructions.

The ebay listing is gone.

I have attached the instructions doc.

What firmware do I need is it the base model.

Should I look to buy BLTOUCH but struggling to locate sensible distribution in UK

Can you point me in right direction as aware there are a number of clones.Read me First!!!.pdf (2.4 MB)

This kit was sold illegally as I never give my consent. The Marlin part of ADVi3++ is under GPLv3 so anyone can make a fork, but the LCD screens are under Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License, so no one has the right to make money with my LCD screens without my consent.

I will not ban you but frankly I was very close to do it.

If you want to buy a BLTouch, simply go the the official website. There is a list of official distributors.

I recommend to buy from their official store, not from a distributor.

It was never my intention to purchase an illegal item, it was advertised as a proximity sensor for Wanaho i3 Plus.

Thank you for your understanding.

Which firmware file should I be using?

How do I resolve the Z axis falling below the bed level?

Yes but you did.

First you have to be sure the Z end-stop is correctly installed, wired and working. I think that this is why you have problems. Then for the firmware, it is explained in details in the documentation. Since you have a regular Wanhao i3 Plus printer (ie. Mainboard 5.1), the firmware is ADVi3pp-Mainboard-4.0.6.hex.

Note: If you install a BLTouch, you will have to change the firmware.

For the UK Technology Outlet is the only disti for BLTOUCH they do not show Wanhao i3 Plus.

I have listed


As I told you, buy directly from ANTCLABS (their eBay store for example). This way, you will be sure to get the latest version of the BLTouch. Resellers are often sending old versions.

I contacted the guy who build the kit you bought on eBay. I have to say that I was a little upset and not very nice with him. He replies that:

The product in question could only relate to the wanhao sensor kit that i sold for a brief period in 2018…but was later discontinued due to lack of demand and lack features in the firmware which i never got round to sorting… (there was no abl support through the screen making it basically useless for the average user)

I conclude that you can forget your sensor, it will never work. A BLTouch from ANTCLABS is the way to go.

It is already in the BIN and I am locating an approved disti in the UK for Wanhao.

Thank you.

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