Wanhao I3 Plus LCD Brick

Hi Everybody

First sorry for my bad English !
My printer is a Wanhao I3 plus and I always use it with the oem firmware since 2017.
Yesterday I casually go on the wanhao website and I noticed that there were a firmware update for the board and for the LCD.
I’m quite a beginner on the electronic part of the printer but i decided to upgrade both.
First I update the board (from Cura with the USB cable) and everything goes fine; so I proceed with the LCD a the trouble begin !
During the flashing the LCD brick and also with the original “format” firmware provided on Wanhao site it remains bricked.
Casually on google I discover this site and I find the same issue on one old topic; so I decided to join the community and try to update LCD and board with the 4.0.5.
First I start with the LCD and everything goes fine (the “brick” disappear); then I update the board (always with Cura) and also here the procedure goes fine.
The problem actually is that if I power on the printer the LCD remain stuck on the “3D printer image”.
I’m using Windows 10 and I follow the user manual provided.
It’s seems to me that maybe I’ve two problem: LCD brick (but solved with the 4.0.5 upgrade) and LCD stuck on the boot image (i read that could be the board that is rebooting continuosly because it could’t talk with the LCD but in this case my connection via USB cable works fine so I think the board is working correctly).
Thanks in advance for your support !

I think you make a confusion: it is not the USB cable, it is the flat cable between the LCD and the mainboard.

I believe He was saying, that the main board connects to his computer via USB fine.
he was troubleshooting to rule it out.

Yes Poodle !
I make some test this morning; I flash the board with wanhao last firmware and if the display (with adv firmware inside) is still stuck with the 3d printer image the board doesn’t reboot anymore (and from symplify 3D now i can control the print).
Then I try the “format” firmware for the LCD from wanhao and then the wanhao last LCD firmware (but i prepare the SD with a Mac) and now also the LCD works except for the touch (i don’t think is a calibration problem because if i touch everywhere on the display however i don’t hear the beep and the screen doesn’t change…

@PoodlePuncher I was referring to the sentence above and it is incorrect: if the board is rebooting and the LCD is stuck, it is likely the flat cable between the LCD and the mainboard. Not the USB port or cable.

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Ok now I understand
So I ricalibrate the touch and now all It’s working fine (board and LCD are with the wanhao firmware) !
I think there is a problem with the updated firmware of wanhao.
Now I try to update all the printer with the advi3++ firmware ! Hope It’ll works !

It works !

So to recap:

  1. Flashing LCD firware (wanhao OEM) brick the display; use the format firmware from wanhao doesn’t work.
    2: Unbrick the LCD with the adv firmware
    3.If at this time I try to update the board with the adv firmware the LCD remain stuck !
  2. Flash the board with the oem firmware
  3. Format the LCD with the “format” oem firmware
  4. Flash the LCD with the last updated oem firmware
  5. Update all the printer with adv firmware

Now it’s works (off course better than before with the wanhao firmware !

After the LCD was “bricked”, do you dismantle it again to reflash it (with ADVi3++ LCD part)?

No the lcd was always dismantle from the printer (if I understand you question)

Yes, that was my question.

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