Wanhao glass bed

Got a wanhao i3 plus MK2 with ADVi3++ installed.
When I try to pun on a glass bed and set z- height it just keeps lowering the nozzle until I cut power to the machine. It keeps lovering even though the Steppers start to rumble.

Have you installed the version for the MK2?

Yes. Found something via Google after slot of searching. The MK2 needs a magnetic layer for the sensor to detect the bed and glass blocked it. So for now the only fix is to coat the glass with magnetic film and a layer of PrintBite.

Since this has nothing to do with ADVi3++, I move it to an appropriate category.

You can also install a BLTouch on the MK2. That’s what I ended up doing. See my comments on this thread.

Make sure all cables are correctly plugged in. The same thing happened to me and a cable wasn’t plugged in