V5 : changed sort menu of print files


Thanks for getting V5 released; I just updated. One thing – with V4 the list of files seemed to sort by the timestamp of the files; it always showed the last files copied first. Now it seems to be alphabetical? Showing the last file I copied is almost always exactly the one I want to print, so I definitely saw this as a feature not a bug :slight_smile:

Could there be an option to sort by time or alphabetical?


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With v4, the order was undefined but often, it was close to an ordering by date. In v5, I made the ordering explicit. Will see if I change or not in the next release.

Tracking of this issue: https://github.com/andrivet/ADVi3pp/issues/253

I humbly request at least an option, by reverse date was very helpful.

Ordering consumes a lot of memory, something that is very sparse and precious on these machines.

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