Using DGUS to modify the interface

Hi Sebastien,
I am having trouble loading the LCD display data into DGUS.

I have downloaded all of the files from GitHub.
When opening the DWprj.hmi file using DGUS 5 (from the LCD Panel\DGUS-root folder) nothing happens.

I have noticed that the TFT folder and .TFT file are missing. From memory those files store the uncompiled versions of the events for each screen - which DGUS uses.

As a test I copied the TFT folder and .TFT file from v3 and voila… things loaded… but obviously the events etc were not correct.

Can you please set me in the right direction so that I can use DGUS to modify the placement of events on screens.


I may have forgotten something. Give me some time to check this.

I push the missing files on GitHub (advi3++dev branch):

Note: BMPs are not part of the GitHub repository since they are generated from the Sketch file (the actual source file). But I can also add them to the list of binaires if it helps.

Thanks Sebastien. No need to upload the BMPs separately as they are in the LCD zip.

I mean the PNG files.

Hi Sebastien,

I would like to learn how to create/alter LCD images. I’m running DGUS v5.1 and load DWprj.hmi within DGUS-root folder. In DGUS, I see on the left column a list of screens and a preview on the right column, however the images don’t appear correct and all I see are rectangular placeholders with no graphics.

I wonder if it would be possible to write a short guide on how to compile the screens for uploading onto the LCD via a microSD card.

I do not plan to make such guide. I don’t have the time and it is too far from the scope of ADVi3++.

No problem, I realise it was a big ask.

If anyone knows why the graphics don’t load I would appreciate the advise.

My guess is that you do not have the image (.bmp) or in a wrong format.

Extract all the bmp’s from the DWIN_SET folder inside the release file, such as into your DGUS-root/DWIN_SET/ folder, and your images will show up in the DGUS tool.

For the format of the images, it is described in an article I wrote a while back (under LCD resources):

Thanks, I never looked at that file only downloaded the one with the .img file.