Using BLTouch on the right side instead of the left

I printed the part and discovered that my fan on the left side is too big for the BLTouch bracket to fit properly. So I did the simple thing and turned it around. I then tried to modify the offset settings so that it can properly level my bed. But I seemed to have messed something up because it shoots off the right side of the bed during the autolevel process.

How can I get this to work on the right side?

Can you give more information like the offsets you use?

Right now I have an offset of:

X: 40
Y: -55
Z: -1.5

When I do a G29 I get out of bounds error.


I have a Balco printer (the Aldi printer here in the UK) and had to do the same, putting the BLTouch to the RHS of the fan.

My settings are:

X: 37
Y: -38
Z: -0.96

and all is working great.

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Which version of ADVi3++ do you use?

4.0.4, I ended up frustrated, printed a behind the head fan and printed the front mount, things are now working swimingly.

Thanks all

This is fixed in version 4.0.5

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