Using a Program Other Than Cura to Upload Firmware!

I was wondering if anyone has tried using Geir Lunde’s Xloader program instead of Cura to update the firmware on the mainboard? A much simpler, smaller program for those who might not use Cura and do not wish to install it merely for firmware updates?

@whipaway Please do not post such messages (not related to ADVi3++) here. There is a space for that:

I have a Raspberry Pi 3 running OctoPi and a plugin installed that allows firmware updates.
This allows me to flash the firmware from across the room :slight_smile:
I still have to insert the SD card in the screen for that part, but it works for me.
The attached video is how I do it.
Looks like I got another one to do :slight_smile:

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As far as I know, all programs able to flash are in fact using avrdude so they should all work. One difficulty with Cura is that you can’t select the COM port so there are better alternatives. Like @Ray_Edgley, I use OctoPrint Firmware Updater most of the time.