Use of multiple magnetic spring steel beds in v5

Hi, I have auto bed levelling working fine on a dual side PEI spring steel sheet (about 1mm thick). I have a powdered PEI spring steel sheet I would like to use as well (about 0.7x mm thick ).

I’m wondering if in v5 it will be possible to have user presets for z height to avoid having to set the z height each time I change surfaces ? (I’m assuming that’s the best way to do it)



You can submit enhancement requests here:

But what you describe looks very specific to you setup. As it will cost SRAM, I am not sure I will implement such feature.

You can change the offset in Settings.

No problem, it would just be a nice to have, as you say for a small number of cases like mine

If you’re using automatic bed leveling (with bltouch or similar), you can trigger a bed level at each print by adding G29 to your start gcode, just after G28. Those should compensate for the small difference in build plate hight.