Upgrade to Thermistor

i want to upgrade my Duplicator i3 plus to the full metal hot end this includes the upgrade from the temperature sensor to the thermistor. Is your firmware supporting this upgrade?

Can you be more precise? Are you talking about the Microswiss All Metal Hotend or about something else?

No, I mean the ’ WANHAO ALL METAL HOT END ASSEMBLY WITH THERMISTOR ’ https://3dprinters-store.com/wanhao-metal-hotend-assembly

There is no information about the thermistor on this web site, so I do not know.

Thermistor is temperature sensor.
I have changed my hotend with all metal hotend and thermistors are of the same value 100k

I know what a thermistor is…

But it could be of type 1, type 5, type 11 (there are the usual types I have seen so far). They are all 100k thermistors but their temperature curves are not the same.


I did some searching and found this info on thermostat types, it might help you determine what you need.


Would this Thermistor NTC 3950 100k Ohm work?


This is a type 13. So you have to modify the firmware and recompile with this value.

In which file do I have to change which values?

Configuration.h, under TEMP_SENSOR_0.


So i changed this and now i have to compile the Marlin.ino with the Arduino IDE ?


Is there a possibility to create the file for the LCD-Panel under Windows? Or is it possibile to combine the custome firmware (only new thermistor setting) with the image from your your website, like this ADVi3pp-LCD-4.0.5.img.zip?

Sorry, I don’t understand your question. Thermistor settings have nothing to do with the LCD panel, so I don’t get it.