Update from v3 to v5?

I’ve been a patron for quite a awhile now, but I didn’t ever put any of the v4 updates on my printer. I am on 3.0.1 LCD/3.0.2 mainboard.

I have a BL Touch on there, and I seem to recall that part of the v4 upgrade included the fact that you needed to remove the Z axis switch? Is that correct?

Anything else to be aware of when jumping from 3.0.2 to the current v5 beta? Or v4 final?


I do not recommend to install the current beta of v5. Use v4 instead.

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Looking at the manual, I see this:


Since version 3.0, ADVi3++ supports BLTouch sensors (Classic and Smart except Smart version 3).
Since version 4.0, ADVi3++ supports BLTouch Smart version 3 and higher.

Does his mean v4 does not support BLTouch Classic? [I do have a Smart now that I look at it, but still curious]

ADVi3++ supports all versions

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You don’t need to physically disconnect the z-axis limit switch for v4. I’ve left mine on there when I installed the BLtouch. no issues

(Australian cocoon create touch, circa 2017, with advi3++ v4.0.6 )

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