Unable to load files within folders

Hi, I have installed version 4.0.5 and I’m unable to use/navigate the folders on the SD card. They show up but I can’t get into them. The printer is a Wanhao i3 Duplicator Plus.
I have also tried the older 3.0.2 but had the same issue.
Any help, grealty appreciated.

Hi, There is nothing wrong in fact. This is something which is not implemented. I have an issue for that:

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As a part of that, could you add the option to sort by modification date please? When you overwrite with Cura, it doesn’t change the creation date so if you modify a file, you need to index down the pages to find it. Thanks.

Sorting takes a lot of memory. Too much. That’s why it is not activated. I will see if it is possible with Marlin 2 / ADVi3++ 5. But if it takes too much memory, i will not.