Unable to flash lcd firmware for 5.0.1

I can flash 5.0.1 firmware on mainboard fine, but when i go to flash the lcd it seems to hang on a white screen. I removed power and tried several times if i remove the flash card it will boot into some weird mode that shows the temps but the rest of it is white. I gave up and reflashed 5.0.0 which works fine.

There is no change in the LCD part between 5.0.0 and 5.0.1. So you can use the file from 5.0.0. I will check what is going one, maybe I made a mistake.

Yes, I made a mistake. It is fixed now (I have updated the file with a good one).

Thanks for raising this issue.

I’ve checked the files and it is missing the BMP images.

Yes exactly, I forget to generate the images when I build the release. It is fixed now.

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