Unable to Connect to Printer After Flashing(Fixed) Now Having BLTouch issues

I was able to flash to the mainboard successfully but there was an issue with the EEPROM which I now know is an issue with the cable. However, in the time that it took me to realize this I did the CleanEEPROM.ino.with_bootloader.mega.hex and ever since I have done that, I can not connect to the printer via CURA. I initially tried everything here https://community.advi3pp.com/t/when-trying-to-flash-the-mainboard-the-computer-does-not-see-the-printer/55. I have tried flashing Marlin via Arduino IDE but I get the Error Message "exit status 1

Error compiling for board Arduino Mega or Mega 2560."
option enabled in File -> Preferences."

Some assistance would be much appreciated.

Solution: Ensure that the Marlin.ino file stays with the rest. Somehow mine got moved out of the folder.

I figured out my issue. I somehow removed the file from the rest of the files from github.

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The firmware (assuming you have installed the BLTouch version) has a self test function for the BLtouch you could try ?

When I press the self test the BLTouch does nothing. Also, yes, I did install the BLTouch version

So somehow I fixed it. I was having an issue where if I did the Z-Home it would not deploy as well. That being said I had the idea to manually deploy the pin as it was going down and that somehow kicked the BLTouch into working. I can now SelfTest and home as best I can tell. I will test more later but it is getting late.

I will update this once I do all the testing so that anyone who has this issue in the future knows how to fix it.

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