Touchscreen not working

Hi. I have a Monoprice Maker Select Plus “Euro” and I flashed the screen and the Mainboard to the instructions. Used 4.0.3. I can control the Printer using Cura and I see the Menu on the screen but I can not do anything on the screen. Touchscreen simply does noting.

I tried flashing mainboard one more time, no changes.

No errors while flashing.

Can someone help me please? ;(



I flashed the screen again. It seems that it got stuck the first time and so… i didn’t finish.
For anyone who is finding this and has the same or a similar problem and can not find any other solution on this website, try re-flashing the screen after you flashed the mainboard.

It is often a problem with the cable between the mainboard and the LCD panel. It moves a little. When you reflash, it moves again but this time make te connection with the mainboard.

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Glad to hear you got it sorted :slight_smile:
andrivet is right about the stupid cable though: The connectors used (at least on my 1st generation i3+) aren’t the greatest and taking the LCD out to flash it is trouble. is a worthwhile print. You can access the MicroSD slot without having to move the display, though you probably need tweezers to do the job because it’s recessed pretty far back on the board.