Touch screen stuck on ADVANCE selection

Cocoon create Not powered up for about 2 years, on power up none of the axis moves to try and initialize and screen stuck on ADVANCE. Tried replacing internal battery and power cycled still not working. Any assistance would be appreciated.

You have to give more information. What version of ADVi3++ are you using? What means stuck on “ADVANCE” exactly, etc.

Touch screen is not responding when touched. It was stuck on ADVANCD. I upgraded the LCD firmware to ADVi3pp LCD-4.0.6-img which completed 100% ok, then using Cura upgraded mainboard to 4.0.6 also completed 100% good.
Touch screen still not responding has warning message and right hand side arrow on screen is not responsive when pressed. Message is,

“The settings stored in EEPROM are not compatable with this versionof the firmware. For this reason, the settings have been resetand you have to either enter manuallythe settings or redo tunings.”

I tried downgrading the Firmware to version 4.0.3 both LCD and mainboard.
All cable have been removed and reseated. Still same error message and screen not responsive when touched.

So it looks like your screen is defective and this is has nothing to do with ADVi3++. I am doing support only of ADVi3++, not of (defective) printer. Please contact your reseller for your problem.