Touch on LCD Display not working

What do you mean exactly by that? It should not be bent. Can you send a picture?

Do you have a link to this document? I think you make a misinterpretation here.

It looks like you forgot some word in your sentence. Again, you CAN’T power you printer with the USB port.

IMG_9121 IMG_9122

It was already like this though before the problem started. I’m desperate for a solution so I’m covering all bases of what the problem could be.

Here is the link How do I connect my Maker Select 3D printer to Cura? - Monoprice Support . Monoprice recommends Cura so I couldn’t find anything for Repetier Host, but I’m assuming this advice of not connecting to USB 3.0 is universal. I’m wondering if somehow connecting to USB 3.0 damaged the mainboard.

My mistake once again. If I mentioned powered through USB, I mean powered through wall power and connected to my computer though USB to attempt printing from my computer itself since the LCD doesnt work.

If the cable is damaged, yes it can prevent the LCD from working properly. The fact that it lights up does not mean that the cable is OK because there are several wires (6 if I remember) for power. But there is only 2 (TX, RX) for communication.

Have you checked that this cable is properly inserted into the sockets (both on the LCD and mainboard sides)?

I do not think so. They say this because the USB chip on the board is not well recognized when connecting to a USB 3 port and most of the time, it is not possible to connect to the printer with a USB 3 port. Have you tried with a USB 2 port?

Something is not clear: does your printer still working when you remove the USB cable?

So I guess the next attempt could be replacing the wires, so I’ll try that next

Yes I have checked this connection at least 3 times, so the problem is not a poor connection.

I don’t have a computer with a USB 2 port unfortunately. I think I do have an even older laptop from 2008 that most likely has a first generation USB port, so I can try to dig it up from storage and trying it on that one.

No, with or without the USB cable the LCD display is unresponsive.

It is better to avoid using this old computer. You do not have a USB 2 hub to try?

I do not unfortunately. But I’m hoping that a new ribbon cable fixes the LCD problem so I can at least use the screen to be able to print parts. If not, then I’ll have to look into replacing the motherboard or spend even more time trying to figure out the usb connection problem.

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