Thermistor Upgrade not working

After my stock thermistor failed, I upgraded to a m3 screw in Thermistor from YOTINO. Even after updating the firmware to be set at 11 for the temp sensor. Im still not able to get it working. Seemingly the temperature being reported is about double the actual temperature of the hotend according to a infra red thermometer.

Would love any help on this

This is on a Maker select plus running on the most recent ADVi3++ BL touch 3 firmware

I ordered some glass bead replacements to try and see if it was just a hardware issue

As this is not a problem directly related to ADVi3++ but to a new thermistor, please post under Printers Stuff such questions.

Do you have a link for this thermistor?

Apologies for not posting under the right sections

this was the one i bought. Reading with a Multi meter is it might just be defective
i was planning on updating once i got my glass bead replacements

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