Thermistor gulfcoast robotics

Hi to all, thermistor on my wanhao i3 plus it’s damaged, i have a gulfcoast robotics thermistor (m3 hex) but if I want to change it, how printer can recognize it? I must to change it in the firmware? Can I make directly on pronterface or repetier host?

There’s a Command specific?

Ps i have advi3++ 4.0.6

Thank you so much and sorry for my bad english, it’s my first post on the community

I hope I have not made a mistake and have written in the correct place

It is always better to put a link to the product when you request help for something like that. Otherwise, it is difficult to know for sure of what you are talking about.

With TEMP_SENSOR_0. It has to be set to the right value.

Yes, it is on Configuration.h.

No, because this is set at compile time and thus not accessible at runtime.

Hi Sebastian thanks for the answer, I will try to be as precise as possible, I have already tried to search for an answer here in the community and there are those who have installed the thermistor without problems and those who have instead been forced to change the sensor ID from 1 at 11 … I just don’t know where to start with the firmware even though it seems almost as simple as a change, but then should I flash my currently used firmware? Below is the link of the sensor I purchased

Thank you so much again

The page you sent says “Use TEMP SENSOR number 11 in Marlin”. So you have to modify the firmware.

Sorry, I do not understand.

You have to make the modification in the sources of the firmware, recompile it and flash it with the new thermistor value.

Mmmmh then I would like to avoid installing it also because I sincerely wait for version 5 to come out so as not to redo the firmware flash many times, however maybe I was not very careful but what I bought is from this link

and in the description it says that not it needs no firmware modification, so I was wondering compared to the original firmware, on advi3 ++ the temperature sensor is always identified as on the stock firmware? Thank you very much again for your patience, you are very kind

It means you do not have to program yourself the support of this thermistor. Marlin is able to support it. But it does not mean you do not have to recompile the firmware and flash it.

Ok Sebastian thank you very much for your support, as soon as I can I will replace and see if there is a need to recompile the firmware or not

How to compile and flash is explained here:

I plan (if possible) to support multiple thermistors in ADVi3++, but it will not be in the first “version 5” release, and I am not sure if it is practical because it will take memory and memory is precious on those printers.

Yes I was actually taking a look at this guide of yours, I have never done anything like this and honestly I would not much like to venture down this road … I really admire the work you do on programming, it looks like something great and you make these printers a lot simpler to use and calibrate but honestly I would not want to change your firmware and recompile it I am too afraid of doing damage and :sweat_smile: … I will try to install the thermistor and see if it already works like this alternatively I have another new one like the stock one and I will wait if you can add it in other releases of version 5, thanks again Sebastian and good worky

I use this thermistor in my i3+. I’m pretty sure all I had to do was refresh the PID values…

Same here. Plug-and-play upgrade. Refresh your PID and you should be fine.
Small note, I added a bead of Halnziye HY-880 high-temp thermal grease to the tip before installing it so the sensor will read temp changes faster.

Thanks for feedback :clinking_glasses:

Thank you, Yes, the pid tune is necessary

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