Thank you Thermal Protection

Since I got this printer I have had strange problems with prints seeming to be too hot or not hot enough. Warming up sometimes takes a long time and the temperature fluctuates. I thought maybe something wrong with thermistor in extruder but wasn’t sure how to debug and wasn’t aware that ADVi3++ had a feature that would help.

When I tried to do a test print the thermal protection kicked in and I noticed temperature was reading -15 at different times during warm up. I figured was bad thermistor and was going to replace but when I unplug the old one I noticed that one of the pins in the tail connector was not seated properly. When I seat this in the connector correctly it works fine now.

I will probably replace thermistor anyway with bolt style (I know this require compile of firmware with different temp sensor setting)

Thermal Protection is great feature. May be annoying if it happens to you, but it means something is wrong and could be really dangerous!

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Hi Minty,

If you are in the US, Gulfcoast Robotics has a threaded thermistor that is a direct swap without recompiling. It’s available on Amazon or from their website directly. I’ve been using one on my Monoprice Makes Select Plus and have been very happy with it.

Take care!

This is a very good and safer alternative to the stock thermistor.