TC and % fields showing zero when printing

After updating to version 5, I was excited to see the new ‘Time to Complete’ and percentage (%) fields. However, both seem to not be working. They stay at zero throughout the entire print. Have tried printing from both USB (Cura 4.11.0) and from the SD card. Am I doing something wrong?

I also am not seeing this displayed on the LCD. (Correction: like the OP, they are both displaying zero during the print)

It is here on the Main screen:


Time to complete is updated only after a while (5 minutes). So if your print is short, it will stay at 0. For the progress, I will check, I have a doubt.

Thanks Sebastian. I have done two x 1hr plus prints today and both times, the estimated time to complete (TC) and percentage complete (%) displayed 0. ET was correct.

I will check again


Have done multiple long prints and haven’t seen a number in either Tc or %

Tracking of the issue:

With Beta 3, this was working - even on small (short timed) prints…

It also appears if I press Left Arrow and return to the main screen.

I’ll try this again with Release V5 later today

Do you print from SD or USB?

Yes, it is either 5 minutes or 5%.

Do you print from SD or from USB?

From my tests, I see no defect here but maybe I have to make things clearer in the Manual:

  • TC and progress are updated when printing from the SD card. They are updated when the print reaches 5%.

  • TC and progress are NOT updated by default when printing from USB. This is because the firmware has no idea of what is printed. It just received instructions (G-Code) sequentially. So to display TC and progress in this case, the software used to send G-Code has to give the firmware some information. This is done with the M73 G-Code. When using OctoPrint, there are plug-ins to do that (such as OctoPrint-M73Progress, OctoPrint-DetailedProgress, …)

Some slicer such as PrusaSlicer are able to inject M73 commands in the printing instructions. For Cura, there is maybe a plugin (I see references to a “Display Progress On LCD” one) but I have not tested it.

The only defect I see is that, during a print from the SD card, the name of the file is not displayed if it is a short name (8.3 filename). This will be fixed in the next version.

I confirm that it is working here, printing from USB with Octoprint and M73 Progress plugin installed.

IIIP Maker Select Plus
MoBo 5.1
BL Touch v3.1

Same here. Thanks for the awareness of the plug in.

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